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  • In The Service of the Rat Lord

    _In-Game Date: 7th & 8th day of Dar, in the 28th year of Khalil (Enlightened Year 592)_ Representatives of the party met with the Rat Lord, a creepy individual with hollow eyes and perhaps rats in his skull. The heroes wanted to know who hired him to …

  • Mu'izzi al-Kamar / The Unspeakable

    After going missing in the desert 20 years ago, Mu'izzi returned -- possessed by He Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken, a yak man Revered Master. He is also the head of the al-Kamari trading family and hired the heroes to investigate the missing ships.

  • Suha

    Bound earthservant to The Unspeakable -- the yak man possessing [[:mu-izzi-al-kamar | Mu'izzi al-Kamar]], she chafes against his orders yet follows them nonetheless.

  • Namir al-Huzuz

    A middle-aged man with a bad combover, Namir and his twin brother Nisan are both tailors, Nisan being the more skilled. Namir has a bad habit of getting into trouble, first in buying silks from the mysterious [[:suha | Suha]] and then later stumbling into …

  • The Rat Lord

    The Rat Lord apparently has the magical ability to see through the eyes of rats, and may be a rat (or were-rat) himself. His gang engages in kidnapping in order to ransom back their captives for large sums.

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