Al-Qadim: Heroes of the Four Provinces

Storm of Sands

In-Game Date: 19th day of Dar, in the 28th year of Khalil (Enlightened Year 592)

The heroes made their way to Sikak, city of coins (so named for the scales of Sikak’s fish, which are the size of silver coins), asking about Prince Jeygar. They found that Sultan Magar al-Azim, Jeygar’s father, is a beloved ruler of a small city of happy fishermen, and Jeygar is well-regarded. At least, until he most recently returned from Huzuz a few days ago, and was in a terrible mood.

The party learned through their investigation that Jeygar had made his way to one of his family’s small manor outside of town, among the fruit trees, and so followed him out there. Jeygar’s ogre bodyguards attacked the party (on the prince’s orders) and a fight began just as a haboob (sandstorm) rolled over the manse and the town itself.

After a fight in the haboob, the heroes had defeated the ogre guards and almost had defeated Jeygar himself, when he stabbed both his own rapiers into his gut and slumped over, dying. A spectral image of a yak man rose from his body and then disappeared. Shihab saved Jeygar from dying and the gnome prince told of his captivity among the yak men, their toying with his affections by teasing him with Suha’s capture, and his knowledge of who else the yak men had possessed.

Jeygar revealed that He Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken, a yak man leader known as the Unspeakable, has been in possession of Mu’izzi al-Kamar’s body for the last 20 years, and furthermore that Makin al-Mutrattab, favorite cousin of the Grand Caliph, was also possessed (by He Who Watches and Waits).

The heroes returned to Sikak with this news and told Sultan al-Azim along with the sultan’s sister, Imam Reya al-Affif, a priestess who has been investigating the assassination attempt on al-Azim’s life by the Grey Fire holy slayer fellowship. The sultan is still considering what to do with the information from the heroes, and he has rewarded them with treasures from Sikak’s vaults.


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