Al-Qadim: Heroes of the Four Provinces

Intro Adventure, Part 1

In-Game Date: 5th day of Dar, in the 28th year of Khalil (Enlightened Year 592)

Four different adventurers in Huzuz, the City of Delights, got invitations to meet with the merchants of the Al-Kamari trading house, a successful family of silk merchants. Mu’izzi al-Kamar, the head of the house, told the heroes that of the last 7 ships they sent out, 5 failed to make it to their destination in Jumlat.

The heroes investigated around Huzuz, and found out several facts:

  • The ships took a coastal route. A ship that wasn’t flagged as an al-Kamari ship got through fine.
  • The sailors at the Huzuz docks have no idea who the pirates might be.
  • About 20 years ago, Mu’izzi al-Kamar was lost in the deserts of the Haunted Lands; when he returned, he took the family business much more seriously and has greatly increased the prestige of the Al-Kamari trading family.
  • Jazmine managed to locate a tailor (and his twin brother, a better tailor) who had some knowledge of the missing al-Kamari silk.
  • That man led the heroes to the Inn of the Polished Lamp, seeking his contact, a woman named Suha.
  • Suha was not at the Inn of the Polished Lamp, but the sha’ir did meet and consult with a disguised genie who informed them that Suha is also a genie (of earth, i.e. a dao).

The heroes left the Polished Lamp and were attacked in the street by five ruffians, who were easily dispatched, and turned over to the Huzuz city watch. From the ruffians they learned:

  • The ruffians were hired by a woman matching Suha’s description, and were told to attack the heroes.
  • The ruffians were paid in precious metals which turned out to be worthless rocks.
  • Suha is down at the docks checking out Balastar, the heroes’ sailing ship.


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