Al-Qadim: Heroes of the Four Provinces

In The Service of the Rat Lord

In-Game Date: 7th & 8th day of Dar, in the 28th year of Khalil (Enlightened Year 592)

Representatives of the party met with the Rat Lord, a creepy individual with hollow eyes and perhaps rats in his skull. The heroes wanted to know who hired him to kidnap Suha, the dao earth genie apparently working for House Al-Kamari. The Rat Lord agreed to reveal this information if they would do him a favor: Determine what was killing his rat agents who were sent into one part of the sewers of Huzuz.

The party agreed and took out the necessary permits with the city’s sewer department, then met Akik Festir, the leader of the Exterminators — an apparently rather foolish man who leads a ragtag assortment of veterans who had fallen on hard luck and naive neophytes into battle against two-foot-tall elemental vermin.

Festir was heading into the sewers under Huzuz that day, but had no room in his group for anyone else; he advised the party to return the next day. When they did, they found he was heading to a distant part of the sewer system to root out vermin, not to the area beneath the Clothiers’ district where the Rat Lord had tasked the players to go, so they struck out on their own.

Investigating an entrance into the contested sewer system, they encountered strange creatures called pasari-nimal — bizarre six-inch-long ants with rage-contorted human faces. Dispatching the “mants,” the players then found a secret passage guarded by two al-Kamari watchmen. The guards said a “shipment” was arriving soon; the shipment was a pair of crates which arrived on a smuggling raft and were carried down a long tunnel under Huzuz and ultimately were handed over to a waiting earth genie.

Returning to the sewers, the players investigated four crypts across the waterway, and found one occupied by a crypt servant — an undead mamluk who was made to guard his master in death as he had in life. Eventually the mamluk was convinced that he should not continue in this duty, and attacked the party — who slew him to give him release from his eternal vigil.

Continuing back across the waterway, a crazed sewer shark lunged at Ashyr and tried to eat his face, even flopping up onto the land in an attempt to bite him. Eventually the shark was killed.

Across the water, the party discovered more pasari-niml tunnels, and crawled through them — which almost proved to be a deadly mistake when the mants swarmed out in numbers. Through luck and force of arms, the party defeated the pasari-nimal, and crawled further into the tunnels, eventually finding the mant queen, a bunch of eggs, and dessicated rat corpses.


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