A new home campaign near Alhambra, California run by Caoimhe (pronounced “keeva”). This campaign is set in Zakhara, detailed in 2nd edition AD&D’s Arabian Adventures setting.

Campaign Full

At the present time, the campaign is closed to new players.

Character Creation

To make a character, first read over this list of what races and classes work best in the setting.

Then make your character normally, with these caveats:

  • Level is 5
  • Don’t choose a theme or backgrounds
  • Don’t pick magic items
  • Select “Inherent Bonuses” on the final screen of the character builder
  • No psionic or Heroes of Shadow classes (update: some HoS characters WILL be allowed! Ask the DM for details.)
  • Try to choose a name that sounds vaguely Arabic, not like Joe the Orc or Mordenkainen; http://www.sudairy.com/arabic/masc.html and http://www.sudairy.com/arabic/fem.html among other Internet resources may be of use!
  • Themes will be drawn from this list adapted from AD&D Al-Qadim kits — you can look them over and see what concepts appeal to you. Since they’re not in the character builder, I’ll be giving you a hard-copy of the appropriate page from this PDF for use at the game table.

Your characters will be part of a loosely affiliated adventuring/exploration company under charter to the Al-Kamari merchant family based in Huzuz, the City of Delights, the Center of the World, the Home of the Grand Caliph, the Gem of Zakhara.

If you can make it to the game, let me know so I can plan how much to have in the way of munchies and drinks!

Al-Qadim: Heroes of the Four Provinces

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